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Sam Kitson & Katie Faithfull

A beautifully warming book to comfort children through grief and loss

About The Creators

Sam Kitson & Katie Faithfull

Written by friends Sam Kitson and illustrated by Katie Faithfull, the book is a safe and loving tale for adults to comfort children when they lose someone special.

The book was inspired by Sam's first and much loved daughter Kitty, who was very sadly stillborn at 38 weeks. Sam wrote it in Kitty's memory and to help her other two children understand about death.

Sam feels very privileged to work with Katie. Her truly beautiful paintings have brought Sam's words to life.

Katie, through the understanding of losing her dad from a young age, was able to relate to this story with a very sensitive yet vibrant, hopeful and positive approach, to create beautiful illustrations with Sam’s words.

We hope you find this book comforting and helps to answer questions and worries your child might have after experiencing loss of a loved one. Sam and Katie xxx

Buy In The Stars

We are very proud to be supporting the stillbirth & neonatal death charity "SANDS" with our book. Every purchase of our book contributes half the cost to this fantastic charity.

You can also visit the Sands web page to purchase a copy.